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Pullers / Cutters for Plastics Post Extrusion

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1/2" - 1" Combination Pullers/Cutters

1/4" - 1" Combination Pullers / Cutters

Boost Productivity of Small Tubing and Profile Applications
RDN's INTELLICUT® Puller-Cutter IC-.25, IC-.5 and IC-1 are designed for high speed, automatic straight tube cutting. Exclusive features maximize uptime and precision.
  • Small machine footprint is ideal for medical cleanroom environments.
  • Direct Drive Servo Technology Virtually Eliminates Downtime and Reduces Scrap
    With the servo-driven cutter, the INTELLICUT® Puller-Cutter requires very little maintenance and offers greatly improved machine life. Cut length control is provided by precise control of motor speed through electronic camming. Repeat accuracy and zero backlash insure close tolerance cutting in the continuous or on-demand mode. AC ...
Taper Tube Puller Cutter

1/4" - 1" Combination Pullers / Cutters with Taper Tubing System - Version 7.0

Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Medical Taper Tube System with Streamlined Functions for Increased Productivity. The key to its production is the Puller-Cutter's precise control of acceleration and deceleration that provides close tolerances and identical transitions, with cutting in the exact center of the large and small diameter sections.
  • Windows 7 PRO operating system with familiar graphical interface.
  • Intel Core i3 for ultra-fast operation.
  • 15" high resolution touch-screen CRT for better viewing.
  • Direct, single-button access to straight or taper tube modes.
  • Taper Wizard minimizes manual input of process values.
  • State-of-the-art Servo Gearbox, standard on all machines.
  • Capable of both ...
2" - 4" Combination Pullers / Cutters

2" - 6" Combination Pullers / Cutters

Accurate and Reliable Combination Puller / Cutters Offer a Variety of Options
  • Ideal For Flexible Tubing and Profiles.
  • Servo Driven Cutter For Reduced Maintenance and Increased Productivity.
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Control (IC Models).
  • Quick Blade Change Requires No Tools and Takes Only Seconds (Standard On INTELLICUT®, Optional On SMARTCUT®).
  • Durable, Quick Bushing Change (Standard On INTELLICUT®, Optional On SMARTCUT®).
  • Side-To-Side Cutter Movement Facilitates String-Up and Coiling.
  • Optional Front-To-Back Movement Increases Belt Life.
  • High Torque Option Provides Increased Force and Clean Cuts On Heavy Wall Tubing.
Electronic Caming Ensures the Best ...
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