Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Medical Taper Tube System with Streamlined Functions for Increased Productivity. The key to its production is the Puller-Cutter's precise control of acceleration and deceleration that provides close tolerances and identical transitions, with cutting in the exact center of the large and small diameter sections.
  • Windows 10 PRO operating system with familiar graphical interface.
  • Intel Core i3 for ultra-fast operation.
  • 17" high resolution touch-screen CRT for better viewing.
  • Direct, single-button access to straight or taper tube modes.
  • Taper Wizard minimizes manual input of process values.
  • State-of-the-art Servo Gearbox, standard on all machines.
  • Capable of both Taper and Straight Tubing.
  • Servo-Driven Puller and Cutter boost productivity.
  • Small "footprint" saves valuable floor space.
  • Puller features TENV Servo variable speed controls for increased accuracy.
  • Puller belts open/close around the centerline of the cutter with a single handwheel.
  • Front-to-back and side-to-side cutter movement increases belt life and facilitates string-up and coiling.
Unit of Measure


Cutting Capacity

N/A 0 to 1/2" or Equivalent Profile

Bushing Outer Diameter (O.D.)

N/A 3/4 in

Belt Drive

N/A AC Servo Motor & Drive

Belt Contact Length

N/A 6 in

Belt Width

N/A 1 in


Version 10 Features

N/A Windows 10 - Pro Operating System Advanced Mode Capabilities
17" Full Color Screen

Advanced Mode

N/A Control Modifications to allow independent adjustment of the puller speed changes and analog signal outputs. Control modifications to allow bump/taper with multiple diameters. Up to 200 points programmable velocity.

Servo Gearbox

N/A Reduces Backlash
Increases Efficiency
Better cut length tolerances

Friendly Touchscreen

N/A The Taper Tube Control, a powerful computer, has a color touchscreen that displays tube design and parameters, and real-time process status.

Our operator interface is the easiest-to-use in the industry and gives operators tangible and visual confirmation of input. Screens "feel comfortable" to operators.

Height Adjusting Casters

N/A New height adjusting non-marking casters, allow you to align the machine with the centerline and move it quickly In and out of the extrusion line, without marking the floors.

Height adjusting casters are standard on all models.

Industries Served

Industries Served

N/A Medical