The INTELLICUT® Servo Driven Cutter leapfrogs any technology on the market today - all at a price comparable to traditional clutch brake models. The advanced touchscreen control facilitates simple setup, and the other standard options including quick change bushings and blades help to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.
Unit of Measure


Quick Blade-Change System

N/A While RDN can't eliminate the fact that blades do need to be changed, we have innovated a quick way to change them. This system requires no tools and takes only seconds. The locking plate holds a blade in place on the arm. To change, just move the plate down, away from the blade. Set a new blade in the holder and replace the plate. Now, blade changing is easier and faster than ever. Patent applied for.

Quick Change Bushings

N/A Simply turn the handles on these all-new bushing holders and your work is done. Turning the handles loosens the pressure on the bushings. Pull a bushing out and slide in a new bushing in place. Then, tighten the handles to secure the bushings. Changeovers have never been easier or faster. No tools are required.

Touchscreen Control

N/A This operator panel is designed to be the most easy-to-use in the marketplace. The touchscreen prompts an operator through the steps needed to input set-up information easily. Just touch the screen itself where the appropriate information appears. It's not only easy-to-use, it's also reliable and durable.

Four Options for Cutting

  1. On Demand Mode - The knife blade rotates one revolution based on the desired preset cut length.
  2. Continuous Mode - The knife blade rotates continuously based on the preset blade RPM speed.
  3. Continuous Ratio Mode - The knife blade RPM automatically adjusts to a change in belt puller speed to achieve the preset cut length.
  4. Timer Mode - The knife blade rotates one revolution per the set time interval.

Height Adjusting Casters

N/A Standard
Another time-saving feature lets you move RDN's Servo Cutters in and out of the extrusion line quickly. The flexibility of these casters also makes it easy to align the centerline during set-up.


Cutting Capacity

N/A 0 to 5" Tube or Equivalent Profile

Bushing Outer Diameter (O.D.)

N/A 5-1/4 in

Blade Speed

N/A Adjustable 200 to 1,000 rpm

Maximum Cuts Per Minute

N/A 750

Cut Length

N/A 9999.99 inches/feet max. Other units available.

Power Supply

N/A 230 V / 1 Ph / 60 Hz

Quick Change Bushing Holder

N/A Standard

Quick Change Blade Holder

N/A Standard

Industries Served

Industries Served

N/A Automotive Custom Pipe Retail



N/A A wide variety of options are available. Larger cutting diameters are also available. Specifications subject to change without notice.