The SMARTCUT® from RDN is a reliable, easy to use Servo Driven Cutter that is priced perfectly for applications that don't require the sophisticated control offered in the INTELLICUT®. We've focused on delivering the most reliable cutter in the industry giving you huge increases in up time productivity versus clutch-brake technology.
Unit of Measure



N/A Minimizing downtime is the key to increasing extrusion productivity. While the servo motor requires very little maintenance, it also provides a greatly increased machine life at the same time. There is no comparison to the maintenance time spent on other units. Plus, the servo makes the infrequent, routine maintenance quick, easy and inexpensive. Combined with state-of-the-art digital circuitry, the motor produces superior machine repeatability and more accurate cutting - more ways to increase your productivity.

High Torque Ratings

N/A To ensure quick, clean cuts, RDN Servo Cutters feature high torque ratings. Increased force behind every cut is another way these products increases productivity.

Easy Access Machine Housing

N/A With a quarter-turn of a flathead screwdriver on four fasteners, you gain total access to the heart of the mechanics. Although little maintenance is needed, this simple design ensures that you won't waste precious time trying to reach any of the inner workings, including the servo motor and electronic circuitry.

Minimize Downtime with Virtually No Maintenance

N/A RDN's revolutionary new servo-driven cutter eliminates downtime and increases your productivity. They're called the INTELLICUT® and SMARTCUT® because they're built with "smarts" through extensive market research and re-engineering. RDN has created an appealing package of standard features that make clutch-brake cutters a thing of the past. These innovative cutters leapfrog any technology on the market today - all at a price comparable to traditional clutch-brake models.

Built in Storage Cabinet

N/A With a quick turn of a screw driver, this roomy storage compartment opens up to provide easy access to spare blades, stored bushings or anything else that might be useful. Eliminate the downtime of running across the plant to get a needed tool. This storage cabinet allows you to keep things within easy reach.


Cutting Capacity

N/A 0 to 3" Tube or Equivalent Profile

Bushing Outer Diameter (O.D.)

N/A 3-1/4 in

Blade Speed

N/A 750 rpm

Maximum Cuts Per Minute

N/A 200 with High Torque 250

Cut Length

N/A 9999.99 inches/feet max. Other units available.

Power Supply

N/A 230 V / 3 Ph / 60 Hz

Quick Change Bushing Holder

N/A Optional

Quick Change Blade Holder

N/A Optional

Height Adjusting Casters

N/A Optional

Industries Served

Industries Served

N/A Automotive Custom Pipe Retail



N/A A wide variety of options are available. Larger cutting diameters are also available. Specifications subject to change without notice.