Custom Engineered for Your Specific Application
  • For the sizing of rigid profiles and hollow tubes.
  • Direct vacuum system provides precise sizing.
  • V-groove casters and leveling screws for in-line alterations.
  • Handwheels allow micrometer horizontal and vertical adjustments.
  • Noise mufflers for quiet operation.
  • Rugged construction ideal for demanding conditions.
Unit of Measure

Typical Applications

Typical Applications

N/A Perfect for Rigid Profiles



N/A 16" H x 16" W 8" Tube

Wet Sizing

N/A All of RDN's wet sizing units utilize a durable, 12-gauge stainless steel tank that is divided into separate cooling compartments. The tanks also include a one-foot air wipe section. The cooling compartments with supply and drain piping come equipped with manual shut-offs and interior pipes for even cooling. Additionally, RDN's wet sizing machines feature an adjustable water level control for immersion cooling.

Dry Sizing

N/A For dry sizing, RDN can custom build a machine to meet your specific needs. Each unit comes equipped with a rigid table including "T" slot mounting for the calibrator tooling. A stainless steel drain tray extends around the perimeter of the tool-mounting table.

Direct Vacuum and Water Cooling Systems

N/A All units are equipped with RDN's Direct Vacuum System which supplies vacuum directly to the calibrator tooling. The stainless steel vacuum manifold includes hoses and fittings, as well as regulator, gauge, air vent and vacuum ports with individual shut-offs. Cooling water is supplied to the tooling with RDN's Direct Water Cooling System. It includes a stainless steel water manifold with water port including shut-offs, hoses and fittings. The unit also utilizes direct-acting, water ring vacuum pumps with noise mufflers for quiet operation.

Other Features

N/A RDN's vacuum calibration tanks feature handwheels which allow for the ideal positioning of the tank both vertical and horizontally. V-groove casters and leveling screws are provided to facilitate adjustments during processing. Each unit’s electrical controls include start-stop push buttons and magnetic starters with thermal overload protection for each motor. Specific dimensions, capacity ranges, weights, etc. vary with application and will be supplied at time of quote.

Industries Served

Industries Served

N/A Automotive Custom Pipe Retail